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It goes without saying that YUGO is more than a car – not just for us. YUGO is, and always has been, a part of the family. A family car. The one that takes you on vacation and weddings, but also funerals. The one that your children would make sure to obtain before their first romantic dates. The one which was able to carry more stuff and people than it seemed from the outside.

The one that was locally produced, and was enough.

Yugotour Mostar was conceived in the mind of Dževad Ustamujić when he realized that Yugo and Zastava are part of local heritage and that, in order to understand the past of the region, one should experience the rides in Zastava cars! 

We are proud to say that Yugotour is a family company brought to life in 2016, when we bought our first Zastava vehicle, Yugo 55. Soon after, Dževad’s wife Ivana joined and introduced a new member to the family – Zastava 101 from 1989, a wedding present from her grandfather. 

It is especially important that the car stays in the family, you know?

Month per month, year per year and we managed to collect 10 vehicles, mostly Zastavas 101, affectionately known as stojadin. Most of them will take you on rides, while a couple of those vehicles serve us to replace parts on the cars we drive, when needed.

Wherever you go, there is a YUGO! 

How important YUGO was for an average Yugoslav family, states the fact that if you travel through the capitals and other cities of the former Yugoslav states, which are nowadays independent countries, you will come across a group of people who are trying to share the knowledge and, usually, personal experience from this period. 

For us, Yugotour Mostar is much more than a tour agency. Actually, it is not at all the tour agency. It is our way of life. We drive the cars for our private needs, we regularly go to all the places with our family, swim in those rivers and breathe the beauties of nature. We take care of that nature and always try to think new ways in which we can protect it from the modern world.

We share parts of our lives with the guests that join us on the tours!

We invite you to explore the beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region by driving in one of its traditional cars!

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Driving a Yugo in the wilderness requires a combination of skill and caution. The Yugo is a small car that was not designed for off-road driving, but with the right approach, it can be navigated through a range of terrain types. To start, it’s important to inspect the vehicle and make any necessary repairs before heading out. You should also ensure that you have adequate supplies and equipment, such as a map, compass, spare tire, and a first-aid kit. When driving, you have to maintain a slow and steady pace, watch out for obstacles, and avoid sudden movements. You should also be aware of the weather conditions and adjust your driving accordingly. With the right preparation and driving techniques, exploring the wilderness in a Yugo can be a fun and exciting experience.